La Maison des Enfants

275 Route de Nîmes, Castelnau-le-Lez, Occitanie, 34170, France

Q2: What is the age range of children in the school / organisation? 

0-3, 3-6, 6-12,

It is checked on 0-3, but it is actually not 0-3 but 2-3 classroom is what we have for the moment.

Q3: What is the number of children in each of the age ranges?

3-6                    80

6-12                   42

Q4: How is the school / organisation funded?

Fee paying

Q5: What year was the adolescent (age 12+) organisation/ school established or when it is planned to start?

In 4 – 5 years time, so in 2020 or 2021.

Q6: Are students together in mixed age groups?

We haven’t started the adolescent programme yet.

Q7: What is the school / organisation policy about accepting children without previous Montessori experience to the adolescent programme?

We are planning to have enough students who have Montessori experience therefore we are contacting nearby Montessori schools which have 6-12 section to be feeder schools.

Q8: What are the arrangements regarding boarding?

Some boarding

Q9: Which of the following best describes the location of your school / organisation?


Q10: Would you describe your school / organization as land based?


Q11: What qualifications are offered at 16?

International Baccalaureate

Q12: What qualifications are offered at 18?

International Baccalaureate

Q13: Which teaching approaches are used?

Experiential learning, Individual research, Seminars, Lectures

Q14: Are the young people linked into the local community? 

Hopefully, yes and that is what we are going to aim for.