Ecole montessori de St. Joseph

3 Impasse Chenieu, Saint Pierre, Réunion

Q2: What is the age range of children in the school / organisation? 

0-3, 3-6, 6-12,

The 12-15 class will be opening in 2017

Q3: What is the number of children in each of the age ranges?

3-6                            17

6-12                          10

Q4: How is the school / organisation funded?

Privately, by the parents contributions

Q5: What year was the adolescent (age 12+) organisation/ school established or when it is planned to start?


Q6: Are students together in mixed age groups?


Q7: What is the school / organisation policy about accepting children without previous Montessori experience to the adolescent programme?

Respondent skipped this question

Q8: What are the arrangements regarding boarding?

No boarding

Q9: Which of the following best describes the location of your school / organisation?