The weekend 11 – 13 March will hold another transnational meeting within the Montessori Adolescent Programme Inspiration (MAPI) project. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.


The second transnational meeting will be held at the Austrian partner organization Montessori-Initiative Wieden (www.mi4.at) On the first day, we are going to visit the Elementary school in Vienna before moving to the new Erdkinder place which will be ready for the students from September 2016. The project participants will be the first guests in the place and will try the functioning of the place.

We are also very happy that the oldest students from the Vienna school will be hosting us in the school as well as in the Erdkinder place. This will certainly be a great experience  for us all.


Participants from all partner organizations will be present at the meeting.  Lynne Lawrence and Pat Ludick are coming from AMI, Paul Pillai and Rob Gueterbock from The Montessori Place and Louise Livingston, Lizzie Kigston and Vikki Taylor are coming from the Maria Montessori Institute London, UK. Furthermore, Jenny Höglund is coming from the Swedish organization Montessoriskolan Lära för Livet; Hana Chramostová, Hana Slabá, Adéla Dobešová, Radka Jandová and Zuzana Kašparová will represent  the Czech partner – Montessori školy Andílek.

And of course our hosts will be Saša Lapter, Monika Wurnitsch and Alexandra Stieger who will be looking after us during the weekend.


The content of the meeting and subject of discussions will be all three expected project outputs. In the last period we created a questionnaire about the informal educational activities of adolescents in Montessori education that we are going to send to Montessori schools and other educational organizations. We will collect data in order to create a European net of organizations dealing with adolescent education. We will also discuss technical parameters of the online platform the project will help create, including its content. The most important part of the agenda will be a discussion of the emerging Methodology of Starting Adolescent Educational Programmes.  We are going to discuss practical and pedagogical aspects of the Montessori adolescent educational activities. The outcomes of this project meeting will be available on our websites and at the project’s coordinator.


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