In the last part of the project we focused highly on the dissemination of the results we created in the last year and a half.


The  second to last project meeting was  closely connected with the major event organized by the project partner AMI. The Annual General Meeting every year hosts about 300 Montessorians from affiliated societies  from all over the world. It took place in Amsterdam in 7. – 9. April 2017.

In the project meeting which took place in the AMI headquarters we  discussed the content  that the project partners presented at the AGM Sunday programme.

We presented the results of the project at the AGM Forum, during which lectures, workshops and presentations focused on adolescent education ran through the whole day.

Please see the agenda of the Montessori Forum.

Thanks to our presentation we could get feedback to the current project results from the expert audience and we could use the feedback in our further project work.

In the presentation we introduced to the audience how our partnership works, how the results were created during our project meetings but we could also the content of our discussions.

The most important part of the our project presentation was the  discussion of the four adolescent students from  two partner schools. Their point of view on being a student in Montessori adolescent community was the highlight of the presentation and was immensely interesting and enriching not only for the audience but also for all of us project participants.

The discussion with the students and the questions from the audience was mainly focused on the organic interweaving of compulsory curriculum and out-of-school-activities and the life on the farm. The discussion with the adolescents raised a huge wave of interest amongst  the audience and we were very happy about their open attitude and their ability to present their ideas in front of plentiful audience.