Táňa Kadlecová

I was teaching at a great school and was meeting a number of inspiring people, both at home and abroad. Therefore, when I got pregnant, I started to think about what sort of nursery and school my children would attend. We live near Prague and I knew that I wanted to live in the countryside, not to commute to the city. From among everything I knew, I chose Montessori pedagogy, began to study it and gradually met several wonderful teachers who shared the same confidence in children and wanted to offer them the best possible environment so that they could develop their potential.

After graduating from the national Montessori diploma course, I had the opportunity to study Montessori pedagogy for children from 6 to 12 years with Jean Miller, Greg McDonald, and especially Kay Baker. Montessori Mozaika has a classroom for the youngest children, a Primary and an Elementary class; we have teachers from both the Czech Republic and abroad, with AMI education. Currently, I am preparing to open a program for adolescents, I’m learning from Jenny Hoglund, David Kahn, Patricia Pantano, John McNamara, and others.




Elementary and Primary School Mozaika


We take care of children in the age periods from birth to 12 years, and in September 2017 we’re opening a class for adolescents from 12 to 15 years of age.

We create a friendly environment for children in which …

  • they gain confidence and take pleasure in learning
  • always have enough attention
  • meet new friends
  • think about the world with their own heads
  • speak Czech and English

Our teachers have received AMI training for the age periods 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 years.

“I loved my job,” says Táňa Kadlecová, principal of the school, when explaining how Mozaika came to being. “I had experience with education of children from both the Czech Republic and abroad, and I saw how much the children were affected by the different approaches of teachers. For my own children, I wished for the best school in the world. Fortunately, I met a few people who cared about children as much as I did. Together, we established Mozaika.”


We care about relationships

In the classroom, among teachers and with parents, too. We know that parents know their children best.

We always have enough time for children

One teacher takes care of 4-15 children. Thanks to this, we all enjoy the daily program in peace and with a smile.

We have a respectful approach to children

We use their strengths and adapt to their individual needs. We encourage the children’s autonomy, responsibility and healthy curiosity.

We want the children to look forward to coming to us

To friends, to us, and to the new things they will try today A happy child is our priority.

“We toured about ten nurseries in the area. We wanted a nursery where they would approach our child with respect. But when we arrived in Mozaika, saw the environment and the amazing attitude of the teachers, we almost burst into tears.  We could hardly believe that this was also possible in our country.” Anna, mother

For more information, go to http://www.montessorimozaika.cz/co-nabizime/