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Understanding of the first and third plane of development

Maria Montessori described four planes of the child’s development (0-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24). Thus, she divided the child’s life into four different planes and the question is: How can the...
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Back in Sweden

Renata Špalková, Táňa Kadlecová and Helena Matoušková – participated in the course with the support of the Montessori Institute of Prague within the framework of the project Montessori...
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The fourth week on the farm

And so the last week is here and time is running out quickly and tension is in the air. Everybody’s looking forward to going home. A lot more people are sitting at school in the evenings, finishing...
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The third week on the farm

6.30 – meeting in the kitchen to prepare breakfast 7.00 – feeding the animals 7.30 – breakfast 8.30 – meeting at school – lectures, seminars 10.00  – coffee 10.15 – lectures, seminars...
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The second week on the farm

My second week on the farm started by a morning feeding of pigs, chickens and a rabbit. Other animals can take care of themselves in the summer. The second week was completely different to the first...
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The first week in Sweden

My first week in Sweden, where we are also thanks to project MAPI – Montessori Adolescent Programme Inspiration – Erasmus+ project of the Montessori School Andílek, is successfully behind me and...
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