The second week on the farm

My second week on the farm started by a morning feeding of pigs, chickens and a rabbit. Other animals can take care of themselves in the summer. The second week was completely different to the first one. We had a lot of lectures and seminars, but we also finally worked outside as a team – in order to see what it’s like.

On Tuesday they split us into four groups – chickens, bees, compost, and history of Alexandria. Each group was in charge of something else. Some tapped honey, some were repairing the compost, others learned the history of Alexandria and I got into the group that was supposed to build a fence for chickens. Our job looked simple, but not all of the decisions that we made were correct. Several times we dug a hole and refilled it again, because it was in the wrong place. But our work went fast and everyone was trying to get involved. In the afternoon we were told that for the next day, we had to do some presentation and find out what interests us about our project. On Wednesday we enjoyed theater, photography, poetry and stories about what the other groups experienced and created.



On Thursday evening we all had Coffee House, where each of us could prepare what we enjoy or take an interest in, and present it to others. Táňa and I demonstrated Head, shoulders, knees and toes and taught others how to do it in Czech. Then we asked the others to show it in their languages. Eventually, we heard about ten other versions, except German, which apparently doesn’t exist because it is prettier in English.



Of the weekend I only remember the classroom where I was closed in from morning to night.

Group singing for our teachers – Patricia Pantano, Jenny Höglund, David Kahn, Lesley Ann Patric, Juan Manuel Cordova.


Renata Špalková, Táňa Kadlecová and Helena Matoušková from the Czech Republic took part at the AMI Orientation to Adolescent Studies (ages 12 – 18) in cooperation with NAMTA in July 2016 in Montessoriskolan Lära för livet, Rydet, Sätila, Sweden.  The three ladies are all active in the growing Czech community of adolescent studies. In three places in the Czech Republic they build their Adolescent communities.


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